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Triebguet – relaxing riverside summer bar in Baden

Triebguet Baden

Recently, we visited the city of Baden for the very first time. Apart from it being my very first visit to the Canton of Aargau, it was also a town that I knew relatively little about. When hearing the name, many people think of the German city of Baden-Baden instead. However, one of our good friends recently moved to Baden and summer seemed a perfect opportunity to pay her a visit. And we are happy we did! Baden is a small but charming city where the Limmat river is never far. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Triebguet bar.

As already mentioned, the Limmat river plays a vital part in the town of Baden. While the station and the old town are located higher up, many people spend a lot of their time on, in, or down by the water. One of the great places to do so is Triebguet bar, located by the river just past the ‘Covered wooden bridge’ (Gedeckte Holzbrücke). When we were there, it was a pleasant 26 degrees and sunny, yet were plenty of available seats on Triebguet’s wooden terrace. Coming from Stockholm, where queueing for popular venues is a given, this was such a delight!

Come for the views, stay for the food

The bar has colorful tables and chairs and also a wooden lounge area where you can sit down with a refreshing drink. Speaking of drinks, Triebguet went all out with their drinks menu! Everything from coffee to fresh juice and from craft beer to cocktails is available at the bar. Even the pickiest drinker will find something on the chalkboard menu above the bar.

Triebguet Baden

For those that visit Triebguet with an appetite; don’t you worry! The outside bar has a grill where sausages, grilled cheese, and grilled mushrooms are served for a very reasonable price. Additionally, the bar serves tapas snacks and various salads for a refreshing bite on hot summer days. Again, the prices are worth underlining in a country where yours truly once had to pay over CHF 20 for a hotdog with a bit of salad! According to the Triebguet website, they also serve brunch on the weekend and breakfast on weekdays.

Concerts during the summer at Triebguet

The atmosphere at the bar is relaxed, with nice music playing and opportunity to people-watch or enjoy the views of the old bridge and the Limmat river passing by. For parents with young children, it is good to know there is a play area (Aptly named ‘Chaos platz’) for the youngest ones to entertain themselves.

For us, Triebguet was the perfect place to sit down after a long day exploring the city of Baden. As it is centrally located, it is a good location to go to either before or after visiting a Baden restaurant. This is of course assuming you won’t give in to the hotdogs or other delicious dishes that Triebguet has on offer.

During the summer, the outside bar also has a concert agenda. The concerts are free to visit but any gifts after enjoying the music are of course encouraged and appreciated. Have a look at the concert agenda for 2022 here.

About Triebguet in Baden

Triebguet outside bar is open daily from seven days a week from 10.00 in the morning (09.00 in the weekends) until 23.00 or midnight. Triebguet remains closed if the weather is bad.
You find the bar right next to the Gedeckte Holzbrücke, the place is hard to miss with its large terrace overlooking the Limmat.

For more information, check out their website.

Triebguet Frischluftbar
5400 Baden

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