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Luzern Museum Pass – the ultimate money hack

Luzern is a wonderful city with plenty of activities, both indoor and outdoor. For museum lovers, Luzern also has a lot to offer, with famous museums as the Transport Museum, Gletschergarten and Bourbaki panorama. Paying entrance for all these museums separately however quickly eats away your budget. This is where the relatively unknown Luzern museum pass comes in, saving you a lot of money!

The Luzern Museum pass gives you access to 9 museums in Luzern. The best thing about the pass is that it is valid for two consecutive days! This means you have enough time to visit all the museums you want with this pass when you are visiting Luzern.

The following museums are part of the Luzern Museum pass:

  • Swiss Transport Museum / Verkehrshaus
  • Gameorama
  • Sammlung Rosengart
  • Natur-museum
  • Luzern Kunstmuseum
  • Gletschergarten
  • Richard Wagner Museum
  • Historical Museum Luzern
  • Bourbaki Panorama

The Luzern museum pass costs CHF 39 for two days. Considering that the Swiss Transport Museum alone costs CHF 35 per person, the museum pass is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to visit more museums in Luzern.

Gletschergarten museum
The Gletschergarten museum is also included in the museum pass

Easy to purchase the Luzern museum pass online

While we have been living in Luzern for over a year, we found out about the museum pass only recently. With family visiting us for the weekend, we decided to purchase the museum pass to maximize the bang for our bucks. With our museum passes purchased for CHF 36 (prices have since gone up to CHF 39), we visited the Swiss Transport museum, the Bourbaki Panorama and the Gletschergarten. Individual tickets for these museums would have been almost CHF 60 per person, so the museum pass really helped out here!

Purchasing the Luzern museum passes is easily done online, or at the Luzern tourist office. Make sure you choose the right dates when purchasing, as you will only have access to the museum for this day and the day after. After purchasing the museum pass, you will receive a confirmation and a QR code in your email.

We anticipated that this QR code immediately granted you access, but this is not the case. At all the museums we visited, we showed our order confirmation at the ticket counters, after which we got handed our tickets. Not super inconvenient, but good to keep in mind to avoid standing in front of turnstiles that won’t accept your QR code automatically.

Already worth it for two museum visits

The fact that the museum pass is valid for two days really adds to the value of the pass. If you are planning to visit the Swiss Transport Museum, I highly recommend the Luzern museum pass instead. For an extra CHF 4 over the normal price of that museum, the pass gives you the freedom to explore 8 other museums the same day or the day after. I can recommend Gletschergarten and Gameorama when you are travelling with children!

You can purchase the museum pass here on the Luzern tourism website.
The museum pass grants one entry per museum. You can not revisit museums multiple times with the museum pass.

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Originally from the Netherlands, I landed in Luzern, Switzerland in March 2022 after 10 years in Sweden. Now, I aim to explore as much of Switzerland as I can, and share it here!

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