About The Swiss Path

TheSwissPath.com originates from the strong conviction that more people should know about and get to experience the beauty of Switzerland. Despite being a small country, Switzerland not only is breathtaking, its culture is many-sided and fascinating.

Personally, I only got my first taste of Switzerland at the age of 27, as it is the birth country of my partner. However, from the very start I was not only blown away by how unique Switzerland is, but also by how few people from abroad truly give the country a chance to win them over.

And that is where the idea of TheSwissPath.com was born. My aim is to create a platform where world citizens can read about Switzerland as a country, the many travel hotspots and its culture. Primarily in the form of informative articles and photos, but hopefully with inspiring videos later on!
As a dutch individual having lived in Stockholm for over nine years, I created a similar platform for dutch tourists on Stockholmblog.nl. With this adventure however, I choose to exclusively publish content in English, at least to start with!

March 2022 – This just got real!

I started this website in September 2021, after an amazing holiday in Switzerland. Little did I know that six months later, I’d be moving to Switzerland!
In March 2022, we left Stockholm, Sweden to settle in Luzern in central Switzerland. This adventure also allows me to write even more content about this lovely country!

Keep in mind, this website will never be ‘done’, as there is an infinite number of topics to write about. Nor will the opinions on this website always match yours. But hey, isn’t that the beauty of the internet to begin with?!

If you want to send suggestions, have feedback or want to get in touch? Please use the contact form below.