Rudolfs Weihnacht Luzern

After two years of canceled or stripped-down versions, Christmas markets are back at full force in Switzerland. In Luzern, the Rudolfs Weihnacht Christmas market is drawing thousands of visitors – and for good reason!

Rudolfs Weihnacht is centrally located

The city of Luzern is the perfect location for the Christmas period. The old town with its cobblestone alleys, the lake and the snow-capped mountains in the vicinity all contribute to a true Christmas feeling. Luzern has several Christmas markets throughout the Swiss city, but the Rudolfs Weihnachtsmarkt is by far the most popular. It is conveniently located by the train station and KKL concert hall, and attracts large crowds.
The Rudolfs Christmas Market already started in the end of November, early for Swiss standards. As the weeks went by, more and more stands opened up and now leading up to Christmas, the market is in full swing.

All the food you can wish for!

By the lakeside, you can find everything you want from a Christmas market: cute lights, decoration, open fire, tons of food stands and plenty of mulled wine. The Christmas market even has a fondue chalet where you can warm up and eat a rich cheese fondue.

Even if you are not in the mood for a fondue (though personally I can not relate), there are plenty of other options. How about some fries, Italian pinchas or Tibetan Momo’s? Of course, the Swiss staple Älplermagroner is also available on the market. You can also buy roasted chestnuts, almonds and traditional Christmas candy at several of the stands.

While there are some stands that sell merchandise, eating and drinking definitely has priority at Rudolfs Weihnacht Christmas market. If you are more into buying handcrafted items, the Christmas market at the Franziskanerplatz in Luzern is a better destination!

Rudolfs Weihnacht

It is good to know that the stands at the Rudolfs Christmas market exclusively accept digital payments. You can either pay by card (all major card networks are supported) or with Swiss payment method Twint. Cash payments are not accepted by the majority of the stands. Buying a drink? Keep your cup when you are done and return it to one of the stands, you will receive your deposit (CHF 2) back on your card.

The market is open daily until the 23rd of December. While Rudolfs Weihnacht officially opens at noon, I do recommend visiting the market after sunset to truly enjoy all the lights and bonfires. Go and visit the market before the season is over!
For more information, have a look at the Rudolfs Christmas market website.

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