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Luzern autumn fair is back – Lozärner Määs 2023

Last year, 2022, was our first year living in the central Swiss city of Luzern. We were surprised at the many events that were organised throughout the fair. Few were as big and popular as the Luzern autumn fair, or Lozärner Määs, though. We were really enjoying visiting the Lozärner Määs several times in 2022 and can’t wait for the 2023 edition to kick off later this fall!
The Luzern Autumn fair or Lozärner Määs 2023 takes place from September 30 until October 15. That’s over two weeks of autumn fair, an event expected to attract over 400.000 visitors! But what is the Lozärner Määs, you might ask? Read this article and find out all about it!

Browsing, shopping and eating at the autumn fair

The Lozärner Määs is a yearly event in the city center of Luzern that marks the changing of the season. At over a hundred small stands at the ‘Inselipark’, Swiss vendors sell all kinds of products. Looking for handmade wooden kitchen utensils, essential oils, organic spices of that one special Swiss souvenir? Changes are that it is sold at the Lozärner Määs 2023. Apart from browsing the countless little shops that pop up during the autumn fair, the event also very much is an opportunity to drink and eat good food. Food from all parts of the world are sold at little stands throughout the festival area. There is also a big entertainment ‘chalet’ opened in the park, where you can eat several local food and watch bands perform.

Luna park amusement rides at the Lozärner Määs 2023

For the younger generation and daredevils, the Lunapark is the most popular part of the Luzern autumn fair. At this traveling amusement park, you can enjoy over 20 gentle and thrilling rides. You can find some rides in front of the train station, but most will be placed around the KKL concert hall and the Inselipark. The lunapark works with a pay-per-ride system, with fares ranging from CHF 3 to CHF 8 per paying adult.(2022 prices) The most impressive ride must be the enormous Ferris wheel – dubbed Swisswheel – on the lakeside. A ride costs CHF 9 and on clear days, the Ferris wheel will guarantee the best views of downtown Luzern, Vierwaldstättersee and the mountain ranges south and east of the city.

Luzern autumn fair

While some of the rides and stands do accept payment by card (or the Swiss Twint p2p payment app), I’d recommend bringing some cash when visiting the fair. You can find ATM of several major banks at the Luzern train station.

Want to pay a visit to the Lozärner Määs this year? The autumn fair can be visited daily until it packs up on Sunday, October 15 2023. The stands selling merchandise are open daily between 10.00 and 19.00 o’clock. The food stands and amusement rides are open until 22.00, and 23.00 on Friday and Saturday. On the last day of the Luzern autumn fair, the venue closes at 20.00.

It is easy to find the Luzern Autumn fair. The event is organized in the station area, with the merchandise stands and luna park being located behind KKL. The website of the Lozärner Määs already has an overview of all stands that you’ll be able to find at the autumn fair this year, so go and find out what you will buy!

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Originally from the Netherlands, I landed in Luzern, Switzerland in March 2022 after 10 years in Sweden. Now, I aim to explore as much of Switzerland as I can, and share it here!

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