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Flixbus has a somewhat stormy history in Switzerland. The company previously got fined by the Swiss government as travelers used loopholes to travel domestically within Switzerland with Flixbus. According to Swiss legislation, no foreign transport company can transport people from point A to B in Switzerland. A rocky start in the relationships, one might say. Now, the travel company is back with a safer, but no less appealing, offer to the people of Switzerland. Since late June, it is possible to take a direct Flixtrain from Basel-Bad station to Berlin for as little as 35 EUR!

When the direct train connection was announced, Flixtrain used promotional offers where even train tickets for as low as 10 euro were for sale – but I couldn’t find those when looking for tickets during this summer. nonetheless, 35 euros is a good deal, considering that tickets on that route with Deutsche Bahn ICE / SBB easily cost north of 100 euros!

This route is not the first venture abroad for the German rail company Flixtrain. In 2021, they launched a Flixtrain route in Sweden between the capital Stockholm and the western city of Götrborg. The introduction of Flixtrain there lead to increased competition on the popular train route.

Several times a week in under 9 hours

The train leaves the Basel-Bad station 4 times a week at around 9 in the morning. The trip to Berlin takes about 8 hours and 26 minutes and along the way, the train stops in numerous German cities such as Erfurt, Heidelberg, and Darmstad. From Berlin, the train bound for Basel in Switzerland leaves around 11.30 in the morning.

The Basel-Bad train station is operated by Deutsche Bahn but is centrally located in Basel Stad. From here you can either reach the sights of Basel by foot or travel to the Basel SBB station within minutes. From Basel SBB, you easily travel to other Swiss cities.

Are you eager to ditch airplanes in favor of affordable train tickets to or from the German capital? You can find and book train tickets on the Flixtrain route on the Flixtrain website.

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