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Buskers festival Bern in August 2023

During the summer season, Switzerland has plenty of events and things to do. Think about the many open air museums, big music festivals and of course the 1st of August celebrations. But have you heard of the Buskers Festival in Bern? If you haven’t, keep on reading and it’s not too late to visit the 2023 edition of this event!

Buskers festivals all over the world

First, an English lesson for those that do not know what a ‘busker’ is (neither did I prior to hearing of this festival). The Cambridge dictionary describes a busker as followed: “someone who sings, plays, or performs in a public place so that people will give money.” Buskers festivals, so street artist festivals, have been organized all over the globe for a long time. Buskers Festivals in London and Ferrare are among the most prominent and most popular in the world.

Even in Switzerland, there are many busker events, with cities as Neuchatel , Lugano and Vevey organizing the festivals yearly. But the biggest buskers festival in Switzerland is organized in Bern, where over 70.000 people visit yearly!

The 2023 editions of the Bern Buskers Festival is a special one, because the festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The Bern Buskers Festival will take place on August 10, 11, 12.

What to expect

During the annual festival in Bern, over 100 street artists perform for big and small crowds. The old town of Bern turns into one big performance stage. Here you will see singers, cabaret, puppet plays, dancers and much more!

You can find a teaser video of a previous edition of the Buskers Festival in Bern below!

What to think of when visiting the Buskers Festival

On the three days of the Buskers festival in Bern, the festivities start at 18.00 and go on until midnight. Expect Bern to be very busy during this festival, so plan wisely if you also want to do sightseeing during your visit.

The street artists will be mostly performing in the old town of Bern. Keep in mind that none of the street artists get paid by the festival for performing, that is where you as a visitor come in! While the festival is free to visit, do not forget to bring cash money (Swiss francs) to throw in the performers’ hat if you liked their show. In addition to this, you can support the Buskers festival overall by buying a festival bracelet or the leaflet with the entire festival program. These can be purchased online, or at stands during the festival.

Gotten curious? Make your way to Bern on August 10, 11 or 12 and discover this festival for yourself!

Buskers Bern Festival
Bern old town (area between Bundeshaus and Bärengraben)

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