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Streetfood Festival 2023 is touring through Switzerland

Streetfood festival Switzerland

Foodies – unite! One of the yummiest festivals out there is already touring the country: Streetfood Festival Switzerland 2023 has officially started! TheSwissPath visited the festival in Luzern and that visit had us longing for more!

All foods of the world – gathered in Switzerland

The Streetfood Festival Switzerland is a traveling festival where over 45 food trucks and food strands unite to give visitors an amazing culinary experience. From Greek moussaka to Dutch poffertjes and from Mexican tacos to Indian dosa: the festival has too many dishes to choose from.

Those that are familiar with Switzerland and travel in this country, know that eating out generally doesn’t come cheap. However, the street food festival makes the promise that none of the stands charges more than a fair 15 CHF for a large portion. Additionally, many stands offer their dishes in smaller portions ‘to try’. This not only avoids breaking the bank, but it also means that you can try many different foods during your festival visit!

For all ages and diets

While street food has the stigma of being fatty and unhealthy, this definitely doesn’t match our experience at the Streetfood Festival Switzerland. Besides tacos and burgers, stands were selling stir-fried vegetables, smoothies, and fruit salads. There also was a lot of choice for those not eating meat or being vegan.

For kids (and those among us being young at heart), there were balloons, chocolate-coated waffles, and many varieties of ice cream. Besides food stands, there were wine bars and trucks where gin-tonics could be tasted.

This spring and summer in over 15 Swiss cities

The festival will tour through the entire country of Switzerland, visiting many major cities. See the schedule below:

  • Luzern – April 21 – 23 April 2023
  • Basel – April 28 – April 30 2023
  • Attisholz – May 5 – May 7 2023
  • Olten – May 12 – May 14 2023
  • Baden – May 18 – May 20 2023
  • Fribourg – May 26 – May 28 2023
  • Locarno – June 2 – June 4 2023
  • St. Gallen – June 16 – June 18 2023
  • Bern – June 23 – June 25 2023
  • Basel – August 4 – August 6 2023
  • Brig – August 11 – August 13 2023
  • Aarau – August 18 – August 20 2023
  • Bern – August 25 – August 27 2023
  • Langenthal – September 1 – September 3 2023
  • Lugano – September 8 – September 10 2023
  • Thun – September 22 – September 24 2023

As one can see, there are plenty of opportunities to visit the festival this summer, regardless of where in Switzerland you might be. On the website of the festival, you can see the exact locations in each city, as well as the opening hours for each of the festival locations.

Travel with SBB to the streetfood festival Switzerland and get 5 CHF discount!

The national railway company SBB offers 50 percent discount for those travelling to the streetfood festival. The discounted tickets are available 7 days prior to the event. Check out the SBB website for more details about this campaign.

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Originally from the Netherlands, I landed in Luzern, Switzerland in March 2022 after 10 years in Sweden. Now, I aim to explore as much of Switzerland as I can, and share it here!

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