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Allianz open-air cinema 2022 in Zürich, Basel and Geneva

Earlier, you could read about the Coop Open Air Cinema that is taking place all over Switzerland. Notoriously missing were the three biggest Swiss cities: Geneva, Zürich, and Basel. For good reason, because these cities have their very own summer open-air cinema event: Allianz open-air cinema.

The Allianz Cinema festival takes place during the summer months and stretches over July, August and September. In Basel the festival lasts for little over three weeks, in Zürich you can enjoy the event for an entire month. Most in luck is Geneva, where the festival stays in the city for almost 2 months!

Blockbuster movies on the agenda

The Allianz open-air Cinema event requires a ticket to visit. For Basel and Zürich the movie schedule is not yet published, while Geneva already has most of its agenda in place. No boring, old movies in sight, almost all of the movies on display in Geneva are blockbuster movies released either 2021 or this year. How about seeing Jurassic World: Dominion on a big screen under the stars? Or House of Gucci, Downtown Abbey or Top Gun: Maverick? The choice is yours! Zürich and Basel have not yet published their movie agenda for this years’ edition.

Tickets and languages

You can buy tickets for the individual movie nights on the website of the Allianz open-air Cinema. Regular ticket prices are CHF 16, with discounts for students and children.
Good to know that the movie nights will be organized regardless of the weather. Only when there is a storm, the movie night will be canceled.

As with the Coop Open Air Cinema event, it is important to check what language the movie will be in. Many movies in Switzerland are dubbed either in Italian, French or German. When buying tickets, make sure you buy them for a show In a language you can understand.

Location and festival dates of Allianz open-air cinema

In Geneva, the Allianz Open-Air Cinema is organized from July 11 2022 until September 4 2022. The location could not be more special: the backdrop of the movie screen is the Geneva lake. The festival takes place by the Port-Noir boat stop close to the Parc de La Grange.

For Zürich, the event will (of course) take place on Zürich Lake, in the Zürichhorn recreational area. The event takes place from July 2021 2022 until August 21 2022 in Zürich. Once the program is published, tickets can be bought on the website of Allianz open-air Cinema.

In Basel, the event will take place from August 4 2022 until August 28 2022. The location is the Münsterplatz in downtown Basel. The backdrop of the event is the beautiful cathedral of Basel.

More information or interested in tickets? Have a look at the event website!

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