Switzerland has, among many other things, jaw-droppingly beautiful nature. This is the main reason that many tourists find their way to the Central-European country. However, not everyone is convinced of the beauty of Switzerland as a country. Even more so, there is a large group of people on Reddit that a country simply can not be as perfect and beautiful as Switzerland. Switzerland must therefore be fake!

Their conclusion: Switzerland must be completely fake, a made-up country. And they are finding quite the evidence for their claims too! Every day, many photos are posted, showing how the visual engineers responsible for this elaborate hoax ’went too far this time’. “Look at those perfect mountain backdrops, do they expect us to believe that is real?” and “Look how blue that lake is, have they never seen a real lake before?” are some of the popular posts.

Switzerland is fake reddit

This subReddit, which obviously is satire, has grown rapidly in popularity and is now entertaining over 23.000 users on the popular website Reddit. The pictures and other proof of Switzerland being fake range from maps with Switzerland being missing on them, to claims of Airbnb hosts installing monitors instead of windows. “Look at these ‘views’ from my Airbnb, where can I find the plug for these OLED monitors?”

Switzerland is fake subreddit
Posted by NakDisNut on /r/Switzerlandisfake

Even if you can’t appreciate the humor of funny claims that Switzerland is fake, I still recommend the subreddit for its beautiful media being posted. Every day, stunning pictures are shared of all of Switzerland’s regions.

Other popular subreddits about Switzerland

You can have a look on the subreddit here. Other Reddits for people interested in Switzerland are the /Switzerland subreddit and the /AskSwitzerland subreddit. Those mastering Swiss German might even try their luck finding helpful information in the /Schwiiz subreddit.

What is for you the most perfect part of Switzerland? Share it in the comments!

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