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Belgian beers and snacks at BELGA Lausanne

BELGA frites Switzerland

It was a cold February day when we visited the city of Lausanne for the first time during the winter period. We were checked in in our luxury hotel and were completely stuffed from a delicious brunch. However, once the night fell, we got hungry for some snacks and drinks. Rumor had it that the BELGA bar in Lausanne sells Dutch deep-fried snacks (those that know the hype, know). That called for an excursion!

We stumbled out of the Lausanne metro at the Ours metro station and made the mistake of taking the stairs up to the exit. While everyone else exiting the carriages flocked to the elevators, we were stubborn and found out the station has about 12 flights of stairs before you reach the ground level. Oh well, after burning calories you can eat even more fried snacks, right?

The BELGA bar is only a stone’s throw away from the exit of the Ours metro station and was very easy to find. The neighbourhood seemed very nice, with several other bars and restaurants completely filled. The Mexican food at LUCHA LIBRE looked enticing, but we came here for the Dutch snacks! The tacos will have to wait for a next visit.

Like stepping into a place called home

First of all, if you do not know it yet, I am originally from the Netherlands. While living in Sweden for 10 years prior to our move to Switzerland has taken off the sharp edges, I still am very much Dutch. Especially when it comes to some specific dishes.

In the Netherlands, bar snacks and deepfried snacks are an important part of Dutch cuisine. You can wake me up anytime for a kroket, Bitterballen, Kipcorn or a Frikandel. No matter how many years abroad, those are the things I crave.
And all of a sudden I was there, in a small bar in Lausanne, Switzerland. But it felt like home! The glass counter right at the entrance was filled to the brim with all my favorite Dutch snacks. I knew immediately, this night can’t go wrong anymore!

In addition to my favorite snacks, BELGA bar also has delicious Belgian Fries. Literally, they are to die for, and absolutely on par with many I have eaten in Brussels or Antwerp. And their beer menu also is amazing! So good to be able to order a cold Westmalle, Duvel or Vedett in Switzerland!

BELGA bar Switzerland

Cozy, basic but full of atmosphere

You don’t go to BELGA (or any frituur/snackbar for that matter) for a romantic and elegant evening. The BELGA bar has basic furniture, is dark but has lots of character. It is a perfect place to hang with a group of friends that enjoy easy food and good Belgian beers. And due to its central location, it is a perfect starting point for a fun night out.

Being in Switzerland, prices for drinks and food are not the same as at home in Belgium or the Netherlands. Having said that, prices are very reasonable for having such a niche product on the menu. Beers are around CHF 7 and you can get a filling meal with fries and different snacks for about CHF 15-20. Definitely not too bad, and completely worth it!

Belga frites Switzerland
For many Dutch people abroad, this is the holy grail

BELGA – We need you in central Switzerland!

BELGA – I love you! Seeing on your website that you have bars in Geneva, Lausanne and Neuchâtel makes me want to visit these Swiss cities even more than I already did. And when I do, belgian fries and bitterballen will be on the itinerary.

But let’s face it, your geographical locations are a bit too concentrated on the western border there. How about opening up in a central location in Switzerland? Something like, just a suggestion, Luzern? If you ever do make it over here, let me know and I will be there on opening day!
Until that day comes, you can visit BELGA in Lausanne, Geneva (with two stores) and Neuchâtel. You can check out the address and opening time for each individual store at their website.

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Originally from the Netherlands, I landed in Luzern, Switzerland in March 2022 after 10 years in Sweden. Now, I aim to explore as much of Switzerland as I can, and share it here!

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