Freitag is a Swiss brand that primarily sells bags made from recycled materials. The company is most known for its messenger bags and backpacks made from truck tarps. Tarps is the covering used to protect the load on the back of the truck during transport. Freitag uses the tarp to make unique, handmade bags that are popular with consumers around the world. In the Freitag Flagship store in Zürich you can find their signature bags in various colors and shapes. The store also sells other Freitag products and features its very own lookout tower. From here, you can check out the Zürich Hardbrücke station, Urban Surf and Frau Gerolds Garten from above.

The Freitag Flagship store by the Zürich Hardbrücke station is housed in sea containers. These stacked sea containers are filled to the brim with cool Freitag produtcts. Even if you are not in the market for a new bag, this flagship store can still be a true shopping walhalla for you. In this store, Freitag also sells wallets, laptop sleeves, toiletry bags and much more.

Freitag bag heaven

However, for those that are looking to buy one of those iconic Freitag bags, this store definitely has got you covered. The four floors of this flagship stored are filled to the brim with the characteristic bags in all shapes,colors and sizes. The thing that makes the Freitag bags so unique, is that they are all handcut from used material. This means that no two bags ever look exactly the same. And what is cooler than knowing that the tarp your bag has made from has travelled thousands of kilometers of European roads, before becoming part of your outfit?

The lookout tower

A tad unexpected for a bag store maybe, but you can keep climbing the stairs past the fourth floor of the shop. By doing this, you will ultimately reach the small observation deck of a true Freitag lookout tower! On top of 9 stacked shipping containers, the Freitag tower offers you a panorama view of the Hardbrücke area. Here, you can scout the surroundings for your next stop. Which isn’t too hard, given how many unique and cool spots you can find in the direct vicinity of the Freitag Flagship Store.

Other unique services offered

While being primarily a bag flagship store, this shop also additional services. In case your Freitag bag is damaged and needs some love, you can leave it at the repair center here too. Additionally, Freitag rents out Cargo e-bikes for Zürich inhabitants that want to move things like furniture in a way that is kind for the environment.

Practical information

The Freitag Flagship Store is located on the Geroldstrasse 17, right by the Zürich Hardbrücke station. The store is open from Monday – Friday from 11 AM until 7 PM. On Saturday, the store is open between 11 AM and 6 PM. As almost all stores in Switzerland, the Freitag store in Zürich is closed on Sundays.

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