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Säntispark pool and spa in St. Gallen

When we decided to visit St. Gallen for the first time in the spring of 2023, we figured that trip would be a great excuse to also visit the Säntispark pool and spa in the same city. Who doesn’t like soaking in jacuzzis, relaxing in saunas and dropping down exciting water slides? Did the Säntispark Bäderwelt live up to our expectations?

The Säntispark Bäderwelt is located just outside of the city of St. Gallen, on a 15 minutes bus ride from the main train station. The bus drops you off just in front of the Säntispark entrance, so the pool is perfectly reachable by public transport. We decided to stay the night at the Säntispark hotel just across the street.

Changing rooms and locker facilities

The Säntispark has plenty of small changing cabins just when you pass through the entrance. Upon entry, you get a bracelet that you can use to lock and unlock your locker in the same area. There are handy scanning devices that you can tell you your locker number in case you forget it after a day in the pool.

Slides, slides everywhere!

The Säntispark pool and spa is maybe best known for their collection of exciting water slides. I lost count inside of the pool, but there are a lot of thrilling slides! From relatively calm tube slides with nice light effects to slides where you are dropped vertically: Säntispark has it all.

The water slide area is separated from the rest of the pool and was very popular with especially kids and teenagers. The slides were are very fun and on the Friday of our visit, you never had to wait long for your turn. This is an area where you can keep yourself entertained for at least a few hours, especially with kids.

The central area of Säntispark has a wave pool, an area for very young kids, and a heated outside pool with a lazy river. There is also a big jaccuzi outside with a lovely view of the Appenzeller mountains!
The central area also sports a small restaurant where you can grab if snack if all the swimming made you hungry.

Säntispark Bäderwelt St. Gallen
Copyright Säntispark Bäderwelt

Salt water bath at Säntispark

The Solebad is a salt water pool in Säntispark with a water temperature of 34 degrees celsius. There is a large outdoor pool with bubble jets and relax areas.
Spending time in this pool is said to have a positive effect on health issues such as particular skin diseases, allergies and cold symptoms. Whether this is true or not, the salt water pool does make for a very relaxing part of Säntispark. Where adrenaline plays a key role in other parts of Säntispark, tranquility is key in the solebad.

I can highly recommend spending some time here and soak your worries away!

Sauna area

In general, I am a big fan of wellness areas and saunas in all forms and shapes. We recently really enjoyed the spa area during our hotel stays in Davos and in the Royal Savoy Lausanne. We had high hopes for Säntispark, considering they have a big spa area they call ‘Saunawelt’

Unfortunately, for me personally the Säntispark Saunawelt was a bit of a bummer. I general I have no problems with nudity (I am European after all), but in the Säntispark Saunawelt, I couldn’t shake a sense of feeling exposed. Where most spa areas I have been to create a feeling of coziness, the big central area of Saunawelt with its extremely high ceilings did the opposite for me. It was almost like being naked in a gym hall!
The sauna offering of Säntipark is impressive, with me counting at least seven different saunas, each with a different temperature and scent. I did dislike that the sauna area did not have a heated pool or jacuzzi to relax in. This meant you were either in a sauna, or in the cold central area. Here, there were only some lounge chairs to lay on.

All in all, I came to terms with the fact that the Saunawelt just wasn’t my thing. It was quite busy though, so it seems many others did like the sauna area of Säntispark.

Säntispark, the verdict

All in all, I did enjoy our day in the Säntispark Bäderwelt. The slides are a lot of fun, and especially the saltwater area was very relaxing and therapeutic. As you probably guessed from the review above, I would not visit the Saunawelt again. This can be personal preference, you might absolutely love it!

Visiting Säntispark Bäderwelt isn’t necessary a cheap activity either. We had reduced day passes through the hotel next door we were staying at, so I had to check their prices on the Säntispark website. A 4-hour ticket to the pool sets you back a whopping CHF 39, CHF 44 if you also want to visit the sauna area. If 4 hours isn’t enough for you, expect to pay CHF 3.50 for every additional 30 minutes. You pay these extra costs once you exit the pool. Some discounts are available for families and for visiting Säntispark during particular timeslots. Check out the Säntispark website for details about this.

Säntispark Bäderwelt
Wiesenbachstrasse 9
9030 Abtwil SG

This article has no photos taken by, as to respect the privacy of Säntispark visitors.

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