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When moving to a new country, many make it a priority to learn the local language. Sure enough, it will help you integrate in your new home country quicker. In Switzerland, this is a bit more tricky with four official languages. Which one to choose, when you are not sure yet in what part of the country you will settle? Additionally, learning languages takes time. Until you have mastered either French, German or Italian (let’s not speak about Romansh!), it is important to be able to know what is going on in Switzerland. This is why today I will share some handy website that present Swiss news about Switzerland in English!

Of course, with modern tools such as Google Translate, you would be able to translate the official Swiss news websites such as or However, it is still not 100% sound. That is why you’ll be thrilled to know there are several English news sources with updates from Switzerland.

The local is an international news organization that shares local news in English for nine European countries. While the organization has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden, they have editorial teams based in the countries they are covering.

For Switzerland particularly, offers a mix of news and articles helping people with starting their life in Switzerland. The website also has an online job board with many jobs for English speakers and a popular discussion forum.
Journalism isn’t free naturally, something that has become clear when visiting Many articles are locked behind a paywall. A membership costs around CHF 50 per year.

While I personally mostly read Swiss news on either German or French websites, I still am drawn to the website. This website has a wide variety of articles about recent events, but also many posts on starting off in Switzerland. The website might not cover all important events that are happening in Switzerland but offers an interesting mix with each of their articles being interesting to read.

The articles are well-written and don’t use overly complex words to get the point across. Very nice for leisurely reading!

IamExpat is also active in Germany and Netherlands to cover local events for expats there. The website has an online job board and an apartment section where you can browse for apartments. Many of the offered properties are quite overpriced, but the board can be a good tool to find first temporary housing when coming to Switzerland! – Swiss news in English and 9 other languages is a news website that covers Swiss news in not only English but in nine additional languages. It is part of the Swiss broadcasting corporation and thus has a large organization behind it. It offers news of world events but always adds the Swiss perspective to it. This makes it an interesting website to bookmark and visit occasionally. And if you are not completely proficient in English, chances are they write Swiss news in your native language.

So, there you have 3 websites where you can find Swiss news written in English. Which one is your favorite, or maybe you have a different website altogether that you recommend? Let us know!

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