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LiLu Luzern Light Festival 2023 – All the information!

LiLu Light Festival 2023 Luzern

After two years of pandemic measures, festivals have returned to the Swiss cities. The city of Luzern is known for many popular festivals and events, such as the Luzern festival in the summer and carnaval or Fasnacht in February. During the beginning of the year however, a different event takes the streets of Luzern: LiLu Luzern Light Festival! Here – you can read all information about the festival that you need to start planning your visit!

About the LiLu Light Festival Luzern 2023

In the dark month of January, the Light Festival Luzern brings happiness in an otherwise grey and depressing period. During the festival, many light artworks are installed or projected all over the city of Luzern. As most of the light installations are outside, the majority of the festival can be enjoyed entirely free of charge! It is the fourth time that the popular event is taking place in the city of Luzern.

This year, the festival will take place from January 12 2023 until January 22 2023. The different art installations will be illuminated daily between 18.00 and 22.00.

Another year with some restrictions

While pandemic measures have been removed in Switzerland since early 2022, the LiLu festival of 2023 will not be one without challenges. Due to the energy crisis that Europe is currently facing, the organisation has decided that the 2023 edition of the festival will be one in reduced form.

For one, the festival will largely use LED-lights to reduce the energy use of the event, and there will be less light installations compared to previous years. For example, the iconic tower on the famous Chapel bridge will not have any light projections this year.
The festival will also feature a tiny ‘LiLu village’ in front of the KKL concert hall. Here, visitors can learn more about the production of energy, and the impact of the festival in terms of electricity usage.

As mentioned above, the lights will be only 4 hours a day, between 18.00 and 22.00. This in an effort to further reduce the energy footprint of the LiLu festival 2023.

Light show in the old Jesuit church

Just as last year, a light spectacle will be hosted in the famous Luzern Jesuit church. Besides the guided tours, the church light show will be the only part of the LiLu festival that won’t be free of charge.
Tickets for these shows can best be booked in advance on the LiLu website. Regular tickets cost CHF 15, some of the shows will include a organ music concert or a concert from a famous Swiss artist. Tickets for those shows are more expensive, all prices can be check on the booking website.

ÄON light show LiLU 2023
© Projektil / Lichtshow ÄON

As mentioned, all other light installations of the LiLu Luzern Light Festival can be visited completely free of charge. Choose a nice night and wander through the old city of Luzern to visit all of the amazing artworks. There will be several food and beverage stands by the festival in case you get hungry or thirsty!

On the website of the festival, you can find a map of the city with the location of each light installation. Here, you also read more about the different artworks and their creators.

The light installations are illuminated daily between 6 PM and 10 PM. As Luzern is an extremely walkable city, you won’t need any public transport to visit the different artworks. The only potential exception is the artwork on Chateau Gütsch. There is a short funicular up to hotel Gütsch that can be used with the Luzern city card. You can also buy separate tickets on the SBB app or at the machine by the funicular.

LiLu Luzern Light Festival 2023
All over the city of Luzern in Central Switzerland
From January 12 until January 22 2023
Daily between 18.00 (6PM) and 22.00 (10 PM)

LiLu Festival 2023
© HSLU D&K / Stargazing
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