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Free travel and discounts with the Ticino Ticket

The Italian-speaking canton of Ticino is full of exciting things to explore and see and is a very popular tourist destination. In order to give visitors the best opportunity to get the most out of their trip, the canton tourist organisation offers the Ticino Ticket. This ticket not only lets you ride for free on most of the Ticino public transport companies, it also gives discount on countless attractions. Here is a breakdown how the Ticino ticket can help you get the most out of your Ticino stay.

If you book a stay at a hotel, hostel or camping in Ticino, you will be offered this ticket. The ticket will be valid for the duration of your stay. Depending on your plans for your trip, this ticket can save you quite some money!

Free public transportation with Ticino ticket

For starters, the Ticino ticket allows you to travel for free with most public transport companies in the Canton. This includes the bus lines within the Lugano and Locarno region, and even the trains from the Swiss railways (SBB CFF FFS). However, for the trains, keep in mind that only journeys within the Ticino canton are covered. While both Locarno and Lugano are very walkable cities, the Ticino tickets provides more flexibility to move around quickly. You can not use the ticket for free boat rides on Lake Lugano. However, the ticket does provide you discount on these ships.

Most passenger ships on the lake fly under the flag of the ‘Navigation Company of Lake Lugano’. With the Ticino ticket you get 20% discount on their daily passes. Instead of CHF 49, you only pay CHF 39.20 for unlimited boat trips on Lake Lugano. You can buy these tickets at the ticket booths by the boat pier. (April – October)

Ticino ticket

Mountain transport discounts

As many other regions of Switzerland, Ticino is mountainous and has many funiculars and cablecars. Anyone who has visited Switzerland knows the fares of these types of transport quickly add up. This is why it comes in so handy that the Ticino ticket provides discount on most of the famous funiculars and cablecars in the canton. For example, the ticket gives you 20% discount on the Monte San Salvatore funicular in Lugano. For the Monte Brè funicular, this is even 30%. There are plenty of other cablecars and funiculars covered, you can find a full updated overview here.

Funicular San Salvatore

Get your culture fix with the Ticino ticket

In addition to all the benefits mentioned aboved, this pass also allows you to visit well over 50 cultural attractions in the Ticino Canton with generous discounts. The participating attraction are scattered all over the canton, with many located in destinations such as Locarno and Lugano. For example, you can visit Swissminiatur with 30% discount! You can also visit the world famous castles of Bellinzona and pay 30% less than you normally would.

Other noteworthy attractions that partnered with the Ticino ticket are:

  • Municipal Museum of Modern Art Ascona
  • Gandria guided tours
  • Monte Brè guided tours
  • MUSEC – Museo delle Culture
  • Sessa gold mine

For a full overview of all participating cultural organisations that offer discounts, have a look at the Ticino ticket website.

How to get your ticket

Generally, your accommodation will provide you with your Ticino ticket when you check in. Each member of your party will receive their own ticket for discounts and other benefits. Make sure you put your name on the ticket and read any instructions carefully! The ticket is valid from the moment you check in until midnight of the day you check out of your hotel, camping or hostel.

Since this year, Canton Ticino has also launched the ticket in digital form. On their website, you find instructions on how to sign up for the ticket and how to activate your pass.

Have you used the ticket during your trip to the Swiss canton of Ticino? What was your favorite attraction?

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