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Dieci Pizza delivery Switzerland review

Dieci Pizza

Switzerland is good in a lot of things that contribute to a high quality of life, but unfortunately good takeout/delivery food is not one of them. After many disappointments, we were close to giving up ordering takeout in Luzern, until we got tipped about Dieci Pizza. Their pizzas are actually worth getting, and their prices are very reasonable!

When we were still living in Stockholm, Sweden, it wasn’t uncommon to get food delivered after a long working week. Especially during the covid years, that grew into a habit. While not all of the deliveries throughout the years were top-notch, you generally knew that take-out would guarantee a decent meal for reasonable prices.

Moving to Switzerland, we knew things were going to get more expensive, including the luxury of having your food delivered. In general, Luzern is not the best place for a great restaurant scene. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of restaurants that will serve you lovely food. However, due to the large number of tourists every year visiting Luzern, many restaurants in town get away with serving subpar dishes. This makes that you have to be a bit careful where you make a reservation, or order takeaway.

The disappointment of takeout in Switzerland

During our first months in town, we did order food regularly. Sometimes from new places, and sometimes from restaurants we knew were acceptable. Unfortunately, it was only on rare occasions that the food delivery lead to a feeling of satisfaction. The high prices probably didn’t help, takeout for two in Luzern rarely comes in under CHF 60.

Dieci pizza – restoring hope in Swiss food delivery

When we were almost ready to give up on finding a favorite food delivery spot in town, we got tipped about Dieci. This is a chain of restaurants and pizza delivery service covering most of central and western Switzerland. Worth a try, right?
Dieci is primarily known for their pizzas, but you can also order (oven) pasta dishes and salads. However, we have only been trying out their pizza, primarily because they make you long for more every time!

The first thing I’ll say about Dieci Pizza, is that their prices are very reasonable. Basic pizza variants go for under CHF 20, which is a good deal in Switzerland (maybe excluding Ticino here). The more special pizza varieties set you back just over CHF 20, which is still okay if you ask me! My absolute favorite is the ‘Pizza Dieci’, a pizza with mascarpone topping (yes you read that right) and slices of smoked ham.

Another good thing about Dieci Pizza is the fact they have 6 vegan pizzas on their menu. Those with gluten intolerance will also be happy to find an extensive part of the menu dedicated to gluten free pizzas.

Discounts for pizza pickup

If you live in an area served by the Dieci deliver service, the delivery is free of charge. We live very close to the Luzern branch, so I usually jump on my bike (I am Dutch after all) to pick up some hot crispy pizzas. Dieci even offers a nice discount of CHF 4 (If I am not mistaken) for every pizza that you order for pickup instead of delivery!

So far, we all pizzas types we tried from Dieci were very tasty. The chain works with authentic Italian ingredients and works together with food producers to make their own ingredients such as ham and pizza oil.

Not cheap – but this is Switzerland after all

With Dieci Pizza, we have found a place where we can have delicious and mood-boosting food for those days we don’t want to go out or cook ourselves. Of course, cooking at home is much cheaper then ordering food in Switzerland. However, ordering food at Dieci doesn’t leave the me with a taste of being ripped off for subpar food. And for that, I am grateful!

Dieci Pizza
Dieci Pizza has establishments all of Central and Western Switzerland, with some having restaurants in addition to the delivery service.
Check out their website for all branches and the menu for each branch.

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Originally from the Netherlands, I landed in Luzern, Switzerland in March 2022 after 10 years in Sweden. Now, I aim to explore as much of Switzerland as I can, and share it here!

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