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Coop Open Air Cinema 2023 in Swiss cities

Summer has started in Switzerland, and it’s time for outdoor events! In various cities in Switzerland, supermarket chain Coop organizes open air cinema nights during the months of July, August and September. On play are both older and newer movies, some of which in English for international visitors.

Coop is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Switzerland and it is truly a household brand among the Swiss. The brand sponsors and organizes various events throughout the country. One of the most popular events is the Coop Open Air Cinema, where cinema venues pop up in over 15 Swiss cities during the summer. This year, some new cities are represented!

A wide variety of movies

It it important to know that in Switzerland, it is quite common for cinema movies to be dubbed in French, German or Italian, depending on the region. Are you visiting or living in Switzerland and don’t speak any of the local languages? Then make sure to look out for movies in the original (English) language when visiting the event. In German-speaking cities, the indication ‘Edf’ means the movie is in English, with German and French subtitles. Don’t end up booking tickets for a movie you won’t understand!

This year, there are some incredibly popular movies that will be shown during the events. The Mario Bros movie, Elemental and even Barbie are on the program in several Swiss cities. For exact programs in each individual city – check out the Coop Open Air Cinema website.

Coop Open Air Cinema in more than 20 Swiss cities

As mentioned already, the Coop Open Air Cinema is organized all over Swiss cities. During the summer of 2023, you can visit the event in the following cities:


Schloss Hallwyl
Schloss Heidegg

Tickets available online

Tickets for the different events and movies are available for purchase online through the Coop Open Air Cinema website. Prices start at CHF 18 but can be slightly higher in some of cities. The website is only available in German, French, and Italian but is easy to navigate. If any tickets are left at the night of the movie, you can also buy them at the venue.
Good to know for Swiss residents: Holders of the Coop Supercard receive 25% discount when purchasing their tickets online!

The movies generally start around sunset, but keep an eye on the starting times of each movie. In many of the towns and cities, the temporary open air cinema is located at a cool location such as by the lake, in old castles or in historic city centers. Quite the contrast with dark and cramped cinema rooms where one would normally enjoy their movies!

Good to know that the movie nights will be organized regardless of the weather. Only when there is a storm, the movie night might be canceled. Bring your poncho when the weather might let you down!

Have a look at the program for all the individual Swiss cities here. It is a perfect summer activity both for those living in Switzerland, and those just visiting the country during the summer!

Coop Open Air Cinema
All over Switzerland during July, August and September 2023

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