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Staying at Hotel 25hours Langstrasse Zurich

We love going to Zurich as often as we can. Whether for a museum visit, shopping or restaurants, there is always something going on in the largest city of Switzerland! Our hometown of Lucerne is only a 40-minute train ride from Zurich, so we mostly do day trips to the city. However, we also like staying the night to maximize our experience and avoid having to take a late train. This is the perfect opportunity to try out all the amazing hotels that Zurich has to offer. A while back we tried out Hotel 25hours Langstrasse, and it sure did not disappoint!

Centrally located in a bustling area

The hotel 25hours is located on the Langstrasse and Zurich. While this street has the reputation of being loud, messy and chaotic (due to the many bars and clubs there), the area around the hotel is not as noisy as the parts further south. With the train station and a street popular for nightlife nearby, don’t expect this to be a quaint and quiet area. However, we were never bothered by noise, especially because the rooms are properly soundproofed.

How to get to 25Hours Langstrasse Zurich

When leaving Zurich HB (main station) from the southern exits you take a left and you quickly arrive at the Europaallee. This is a newly developed and really popular area where office buildings are intermixed with shops, restaurants and bars. Most of the office spaces in the area are rented by Google, which surely has brought a lot of hip and high-end places to the area. Here you can have a lovely vegetarian lunch or dinner at Hiltl Sihl, go shopping in the huge Transa shop, or have drinks or a coffee at one of the many nearby bars and cafes. Personally, I really like browsing the Orell Fluessi shop with its large English book collection, or browse the unique and luxury grocery items at the BRIDGE foodcourt and supermarket. For dinner, I recommend Miss Miu for awesome asian dishes, like the beef bulguri and the ramen!

At the very end of the street, where the Europaallee merges with the Lagerstrasse, you find more restaurants and shops and also the 25Hours hotel. From the main train station, you reach the hotel by foot in under 10 minutes. Even with luggage, you will have no problem making you way to the hotel. Coming with the car? Best to check in advance – as there are limited parking spots available. It doesn’t come cheap either, as guests pay CHF 39 per day to park their vehicle at the hotel.

25Hours hotel – an eclectic mix of fun things!

Some people love traditional, stylish hotels that will be formal and a bit old-fashioned. Those people might not be in the right place in the 25Hours hotel. The 25hours hotel concept is funky and eclectic. This starts immediately when entering the lobby. A construction with ropes, pulleys and FREITAG bags acts as a garderobe (super fun!) and reception flows over in the popular bar of the 25Hours hotel at Langstrasse.

The employee helping us check in was super friendly and went out of their way making sure we were comfortable and were updated about all the amenities that the hotel offered. We even were able to check in early without any hassle, which is certainly not always the case in Swiss hotels!
The reception area also has a small souvenir shop with amazing items. If you are into books, home deco, cool stationary, fancy alcoholic drinks and/or tote bags, you will have a very hard time leaving empty-handed from the store. It truly felt that the shop was perfectly curated to match the overall vibe of the hotel. We even saw some items in the shop that we later found in our actual hotel room, so fun!

Gift shop 25hours Zurich
Plenty to read in the 25hours gift shop’
25hours hotel Zurich Langstrasse

Restaurant Neni

We had made plans for dinner already and were thinking of eating breakfast in town the next morning, so we did not use the eating facilities at 25Hours. It is good to know however that 25Hours houses a very popular Israeli restaurant called Neni. On the menu are countless mezze dishes from Israel and other Middle-Eastern delicacies. A must-try, judging by the menu and the pictures found online!

As the restaurant is very popular, it is advisable to make a reservation if you are planning to visit. You can easily book a table online on the Neni website. Here, you can also check out their menu and weekend brunch offer!

The rooms at 25hours

As I mentioned earlier already, the hotel room we stayed in was surprisingly quiet given the central location of the hotel. It literally is right next to the Langstrasse and the central station. We opted to stay at the room type Large and it certainly matched its description! The room was very spacious yet cozy and had everything you can expect from a hotel room for a city trip (except a bath tub, for that you need to book one of the suites).

25 hours Zurich
Brew your own coffee

Just as the rest of the hotel, our room had an industrial look with plenty of quirky design choices. We loved the windowsill seat with views over the trains leaving and arriving the Zurich main station. The room had a very comfortable king bed that was perfect to rest in after an adventurous day exploring Zurich.

I also loved that the coffee making facilities included folding your own filter and brewing the coffee according to the instructions. So fun!

One note regarding the hotel room – the shower is placed in the middle of the room and has glass walls. This makes this room type if you are not traveling with your significant other. However, there is a curtain you can draw that separates the shower from the sleeping area. The shower itself was a lovely spacious rain shower, with toiletries from the popular Zurich-based brand Soeder. You can also buy these toiletries downstairs in the little gift shop.

Rooms at 25hours Langstrasse Zurich
Large room 25hours Zurich Langstrasse

Fun items for loan during your stay

The rooms also have a big tv, if you want to enjoy some Netflix after or in between your Zurich adventures. As mentioned earlier, you’ll find all kind of quirky items in the hotel room that you can use during your stay. The room has coloring books, a bluetooth speaker and many books to read. You can lend a FREITAG bag and even a mini cooper car for free during your visit! The reception is able to provide more details, if a free car rental sounds enticing to you. I also really liked the Polaroid camera found in our room. You can buy film at the reception and lasting memories of your trip to Zurich!

25Hours Langstrasse Zurich – the verdict

It might not come as a surprise, but 25Hours Langstrasse Zurich has after just one visit become one of my favorite hotels in Switzerland. The vibe is funky without being awkward and ‘too hip’ and the staff is extremely friendly. The neighbourhood is very cool, especially if you want to discover Zurich beyond old town and the standard tourist sights. Location is hard to beat too, as you walk to the station within a few minutes.

The hotels rooms are modern and full with quirky and fun decorations and objects. Despite the location in a busy area, we were never disturbed by any noise. There is a lively bar on the ground floor of the hotel, so light sleepers might request a room on a higher floor.

Rooms at 25hours Langstrasse Zurich start at about CHF 200 per night, and will go up in the busier months and during weekends. That is not the cheapest accommodation you will find in Zurich, but you will be guaranteed a central and lovely hotel to stay in.

You can find more information and book your next trip at 25hours Langstrasse in Zurich here.

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Originally from the Netherlands, I landed in Luzern, Switzerland in March 2022 after 10 years in Sweden. Now, I aim to explore as much of Switzerland as I can, and share it here!

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